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14PCS Watch Repair Tool Kit Case Opener Link Remov...



This kit contains 14 common use tools, ideal for watch repairs such as changing the battery and adjusting the wrist strap.Features:14 common use tools for watch repair.Great for changing batteries and bands on most watches.Nylon zipper bag for easy storing and taking.Ideal for watch enthusiasts.High..

17PCS Bearing Race Seal Driver Adapters Master Too...



Multi-use driver for installing races and seals. The bearing assembly tool allows you to perform properly without damaging the materials. Makes replacing bearing races without damaging race of axle housings simple. Set includes collars to fit most wheel bearing sizes. Suitable for bearing assembly o..

46pcs Multifunctional Professional Steel Socket Wr...



This multifunctional repair tool can be used for bicycle, motorcycle, and car repair, at the same time the toolbox is easier to store.Features:Can be used for bicycle, car, motorcycle repair, easy to use.Made of fine quality materials, it has higher impact resistance and wear resistance, and has a l..

65 in 1 Multi-functional Precision Telecommunicati...



Our precision screwdrivers set is designed for repairing, opening or disassembling cellphone, computer, watch, laptop, android phones, laptops, tablets and game console.Features:Ergonomic and non-slip handle for easy operation.Includes 48pcs bits, 8pcs sockets and a handle to meet different demands...

9PCS ESD Tweezers Tools Kit Precision Anti-static ...



This is a range of high quality stainless steel tweezers, designed to meet the requirements of the electronics and precision engineering industries. The fine tips make it possible to handle even in dense PCB boards and narrow spaces.Features:High hardness & easy operation, fine tip precision tweezer..

Boxxser 55 4x4 mit 9 Eins?tzen 138277



Der Boxxser 55 4x4 138277 von verfügt über 9 Einsätze, um Ihre Accessoires zu sortieren. Farbe: Blau Gewicht:0,646 kg Gesamtabmessungen:241 x 225 x 55 mm(B x T x H) Ladekapazität: 8 kg Mit 9 abnehmbaren Einsätzen(4 x A9-1, 2 x A9-2, 2 x A8-1, 1 x A7-1) Mit stabilem, transparentem..


Boxxser 55 5x10 mit 25 Eins?tzen 134873



Der Boxxser 134873 von verfügt über 25 Einsätze um Ihre Accessoires zu sortieren. Farbe: Blau Gewicht: 1,8 kg Gesamtabmessungen: 421 x 361 x 55 mm (B x Tx H) Ladekapazität: 15 kg Mit 25 Einsätz..

FERM Kombiwerkzeug-Zubeh?r-Set 100 Teile CTA1007



Dieses FERM Kombiwerkzeug-Zubehör-Set CTA1007 besteht aus nicht weniger als 100 Teilen und ist für FERM's CTM1010 und CTM1012 Power-Kombiwerkzeug geeignet. Bruttogewicht: 0,41 kg Lieferung beinhaltet: 3 x HSS-Fräser mit 1/8"-Schaft 1 x HSS-Bohreinsatz 1/8" 4 x Diamant-Gravierspitze mi..

Portable 144pcs Watch Repair Tool Kit Watchband Li...



Features:144pcs watch repair DIY tool kit in a handy carry case with a secure zip closure.High quality watch repair tools kit.Adjustable case opener – excellent for opening waterproof cases up to 34mm.Spring bar remover for strap adjustment/replacement.Antimagnetic screwdriver for removing battery c..

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